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Terms and conditions



Actual general conditions are subjected to the legal law papers 1/2007 established
The 16th of november, by which the text is passed and refunded as general defense to consumers and users as well as complementary laws.
The law 34/2002 of the 11th of july dealing with social services of the information and electronic commerce, in which competence will be established by spanish courts in the knowledge of any conflict derived.

Also any controversy derived from present general conditions, as well as the relations
Established between soul bike and the user, will be interpreted according to the legislation of the consumer protection law

Identity data is well indicated in the web page of SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. where the customer may come to the relation of renting motorcycles as well as organized tours, producing the reservations of the kind elected.
The booking system offered in the page will be subjected to the specific and particular case of the contract.
The client admits and respects the terms in which the contract is been issued for every particular case, including the payments of charges derived as well of accomplishing the rules , norms and restrictions on the tariffs, products and services.
Such norms will be well exposed in the screen before any booking.

Offers, terms and general conditions published in the web page soul bike tours mighy be modified at any moment and with no previous alert.
Such modifications will not be affected to the offers,terms and conditions, which were taken by the client at the time of the contract.

The client should revise the terms and conditions established by “SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. ” before any contractual service or product to verify any previous change.
When client does not admit these terms and conditions should not use this web page, while the using of the page should be considered, as accepting these general conditions.

We advise our clients, to reproduce a copy of our general present conditions to be consulted afterwards.
Without limiting the foregoing, “SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. ” will make available to the customers
The service of attention to the client for any claim or consulting according to service.


The client declares to be well acquainted and to have legal capacity to contract the services offered in the web “soulbiketours.com” and according to conditions and terms exposed further on, and accepting them
“SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. ” will no take any responsibility of truthfulness and veracity of the data filled up by the client.
Most importantly, the contract demans the disposal of the legal trafic driving permit with a minimum of time experience as well of a minimum age in the contract of certain vehicles.
The client should be well aware of these terms before the ending of purchase.
The client will be totally responsible for any sanction or fine punished by the law, as well of the losing of points, also the ones applied to the vehicle while the durability of the hiring.

Is totally forbidden any activity with the motorcycle, out the regular roads as off roads or speed circuit.
The insurance will not cover any of these circumstances, if so it will imply the compensation to “SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “ with 5.000,00 euros (five thousand euros ) as well as charges derived from damages of the vehicle used.

The client is committed to the use of services and contents of our web page, according to the law, as well as the terms and general conditions established by “SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. ”
Also, should be refrained from the using of the following ;

  • Any transmission to a third party about names and pass words, with immidate comunique to “ SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “ by a non authorized user.
  • Introducing any kind of wrong data in our web page, which may end in final damage to our web programes, as well as introducing third parties in the web.
  • To carry out any action against good will, customs, moral or public behaviour
  • Illegal activities against intelectual property or industrial or any other norm established in the juridical regulations.
  • Reproduce, duplicate , sell or explote for commercial reasons any content of our web page.
  • Spread any text containing racist prejudice, xenophobic , pornographic or terrorist apology or any attempt agaist human rights.


The client has the right to rent a motorcycle through the proceedings indicated in our general conditions.
During the process or after, some colateral offers might be added to the services and products as a complement to the reservation. The client may accept or reject these complementary services, without any alteration in the initial selection.

Any initiated reservation turns into a final buying at the end of the process, hereafter explained and the sending of a reservation code an also the receiving in your cell telephone or electronic device.
The client will always be the holder of the driving vehicle of the contract and will also be the one who personally , under no excuses , receive the vehicle.
In case of booking through the services of public attention “ SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. ” our assistance, will guide the client to the best of their particular requirements.
They wiil also inform verbally, about the characteristics which imply the contract in progress, sending every detail in a confirmation mail of the purchase.

“SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. ” will not accept any responsibility derived from a failure in the web system, as well as any electronic devise from which the reservation is made and therefore interfered with final results.
(understanding as technical faults , interferences, omissions, interruptions, viruses of the system of any kind, failures, or disconnection in the operative functioning of the system or the users electronic equipment )

In the case of any possible interference, attributed to “ SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “ the client will be fully informed,and as extend as possible will produce the services purchased or the reimburse of the amounts perceived in “ SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “


The client confirms that given data either through the web page or our service to the client attention, will be totally true.
In case of any fault or wrong or misunderstanding or uncompleted data for personal identity , as well as for the norms implemented by “ SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “ , also to the negative of producing real information.
All these circumstances might lead to irregular activity and accomplishing of the contracted services, without any responsibility for “ SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “


The booking of reservations for a tour or the renting of a motorcycle may be carried
out through the following:

Web page www.soulbiketours.com

Mail info@soulbiketours.com

Info telephone 00 34 6007714873


Every customer, with no exception , should produce the following documents for the collecting of the motorcycle ;

  • Dni/nif nie or original passport as holder of contract of driver or drivers as well of the credit card.in case of forein passport, this one stamped by any of the community european countries.
  • Driving permit to date, according to the their country legislation, in this case Spain. Original papers should be presented. Driving licence validity will be given to the next countries :
    • Permits issued in the european union , as well as the economic european space (Island, Norway and Liechtenstein ). Other nationalities, which permits are issued according to annex 9 of the convention of Geneva or the annex 6 of the convention of Viena or those equal models in which essential signatures , could be adopted or rejected. Nationalities of other countries , which permits may come edited in spanish or with an official translation.
    • International permits issued according to the annex 10 of the convention of Geneva, or the annex e of the convention of Paris, in the particular understanding of nations which did not suscribe the one from Geneva.
    • The ones issued under particular international treaties in which Spain takes part and under stablished conditions.
    • However all permits will be submitted to the date expiration and also to the required minimum age, according to the spanish regulations in the driving permit issue, also a maximum os six months since the first entrance into the european community.
  • Renting contract or reservation code
  • Credit original card under user´s name for extra charges and deposit

In the event of not delivering the bike from “ SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “ because of the lack of required specifications or any defect in the mandatary papers, the client will be fully informed about the non possible services offered, particularly when running the risk of non acting according to contract and also chances of the stealing of the vehicle .
Organic law 1/1992 should be implemented regarding the protection of citecenship safety , as well as to hear the requirements of any public authority in the keeping of their competences, accomplishing to the conformity of the actual legal law.
Cancellation might require certain expenses, according to the services type.
In contracts non issued by regular means, the customer should provide all documents required.


Cancellations will be effected once received through the mail in info@soulbiketours.com
or calling our contact telephone number 00 34 6007714873.

The cancellation implies the loss of the amounts deliverred.

The procedure established, for any type of contract modification, once this one is been initiated , will be the same as the ones with regulating the cancellations.
Modifications of dates in the original contract,( extensions, changes of dates ) will be subjected to availability, under any circumstance.


The lessee accepts to assume the economic responsibility, up to the amount that he has chosen in his insurance option (basic or VIP), in case of loss or theft of the motorcycle. The information of the credit card that appears in the contract for the rental of the motorcycle, will be used as guarantee of payment of the insurance franchise.

The basic insurance included in the rental rate is a comprehensive insurance for the vehicle that includes the following:

  1. Full coverage of the vehicle in case of damage, accident, fire or theft, with a deductible of 2.000 euros (350 euros if VIP insurance is contracted). That is to say, the lessee is responsible for paying up to the first 2.000 euros (350 euros in case of contracting VIP insurance) caused by damage or by the total loss of the vehicle. The rest is covered by insurance.
  2. Coverage of damages caused to third parties involved in the event of an accident, with the following limitations:
    • Both the vehicles and their drivers and occupants up to 50.000.000 euros per claim.
    • Health assistance to the driver of the unlimited vehicle in subsidized centers, in the rest up to 6.000 euros. Maximum one year.
    • Compensation for death of the driver: 6.000 euros.
    • Compensation for permanent disability of the driver: A maximum of 6.000 euros.

The driver is the only occupant of the vehicle that is insured.

These clauses may no longer be valid in the following cases:

– Damages caused voluntarily by the tenant and / or driver.

– Damages when the driver is under the influence of alcoholic beverages, drugs, toxic or narcotics.

– Damages produced when the vehicle is driven by a person lacking the required license.

– Damages produced when the driver is convicted as the perpetrator of a crime for failure to provide assistance.

– Damages caused when regulations are infringed on the number of people transported, weight or load.

– Damages produced on the occasion of bets or challenges.

– Damage caused by driving the vehicle through places not authorized by the landlord, such as unpaved roads or circuits.


Once the services are over, if the customer ask for any type of suggestion or any type of claim, “ SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “ might be contacted through :


Telephone attention 0034 607714873

And also through legal channels


SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. asks the client for certain personal data, on the occasion of the subscription or registration in some of its services. The data provided by the client will be kept while the commercial relationship is maintained or during the years necessary to comply with the legal obligations. The data will not be transferred to third parties, except in cases where there is a legal obligation. The client has the possibility to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition.

The customer, driver and additional drivers authorize SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. to offer products and services related to those requested and to retain them as customers.

Personal data received by registered clients will be stored in the data base of “ SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. ” containing the technical, organized and safety measures , which guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the information regarding the organic law 15/1999 dated 15th of november dealing personal data protection and other applying norms.
The client guarantees personal data given to “SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “ is truthful
“SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “ , and with previous caracter, will provide the clients with technical tools to give access to these general conditions or any other relevant information and gives consent to “ SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “ to the automatic use of their personal data, according to the premises presented in this document.

This web site uses cookies, which are stored in our archives located in our data system and in order to help the web site user to analyze an understand the meaning of the web site.
This web may use tracking tags in certain web sites, to optimize and improve the programming for commercial and marketing reasons, but never with personal data information –
One may reject the data treatment, or any other information , you also may despise the use of cookies in your personal lap top, however you should be aware that you may loose the total functionality of the page.
The using of the page gives way to the confirmation and approval of your personal data to google enterprise in the terms already explained above.
Also “ SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “ will inform , that in case of lack of payment at the presentation of this document, might lead to the presentation of the relative unpaid bills, regarding paid or unpaid files of monetary obligations according to terms and specifications presented in article nº 38 of “real decreto” 1720/2007 21st of december.

If client or any of the holders of driving permit wishes to modify, rectify or cancel personal data ,regarding organic law 15/1999 13th of november in the protection of personal data, may well address personally or writing to “ SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “ c/ Petunias nº 20 c.p. 28690 Brunete (Madrid) or by mail to info@soulbiketours.com
In case of any change originated in personal data we would appreciate very much the info ,
In due time to keep these ones updated.


Every content of the web page of “ SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “ are property of “ SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “ or their suppliers , protected under national and international laws for the integrity of intellectual or industrial property. Is totally forbidden the reproduction, the duplicity, the modification, the copy, the distribution, the selling, the reselling and other forms of exploitation with commercial purposes or not, without the approval of
The client will be firmly compromised not to use the web page for legal or illegal purposes.


Our web page might be attached to other links, which are not being produced by “ SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “ such links are being used only as a reference . “ SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “ does not keep any control over such web pages, neither keeps any responsibility of the contents.


Any controversy steered fom interpretation or execution of the present general conditions , as well the relation started among the customer, the holder of driving licence , additional drivers and “ SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “ will always be interpreted under spanish law jurisdiction without prejudice of the defending consumer law.
“ SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “ is a web site empowered by “ SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “ Cif nº B87911988 registered in “ the Mercantil Registro de Madrid ; Tomo 37143; Folio 157; Sección 8ª; Hoja M-662978, located in calle Petunias nº 20 C.p. 28690, Brunete -Madrid.

“ SOUL BIKE TOURS, S.L. “ presents a claiming folio, which may be obtained, writing to the department of client attention, located in calle / Petunias nº 20 c.p. 28690, Brunete – Madrid, or straight to the electronic mail info@soulbiketours.com

Present general conditions have been updated for the last time the 20th of september 2018



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